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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is RunX Nutrition?

RunX Nutrition is a health and wellness company, who cater to individuals looking to enhance their running experience & quality of life. Our primary focus is on improving performance and reducing running-related discomforts.

Q: What does Perform taste like?

Absolutely delicious. Our products are crafted for picky-drinkers by picky-drinkers.

Perform is a nostalgic Lemon-Lime flavour - and we gotta admit... we've nailed it. It's literally like we're taking you back in time to consume a lemon-lime icy-pole from back in the day.

We're a bit biased.. but it's the office's favourite Electrolyte drink because it also has 5 vitamins and minerals AND next to no sugar (only 0.5g to allow the body to absorb the electrolytes). We also only included a tiny amount of a natural sweetener (monkfruit) for taste.

REMEMBER:  If you're open to trying Perform today and you don't like the taste - we will give 100% of your money back AND you can even keep the product, because then there's no risk to you.

Q: I'm not a 'runner' as such.. but I do run from time to time. Is this for me?

RunX stands for 'Running X-perience' because we acknowledge that everyone runs for a different reason.
Some run for physical health, some run for mental health. Some run as part of their chosen sport.. whilst others run to be a part of a community. 

No matter how often you run or the reason why you run.. we're here to support you throughout your running X-perience.

Q: It seems a bit expensive for an electrolyte drink.. why wouldn't I get something cheaper such as hydralyte?

Even though you can buy Perform for as little as $1.80/day until you finish the tub (which is pretty competitive), RunX doesn't only cover electrolytes.

Along with your complete source of electrolytes, Perform is your:
Multivitamin + multimineral, source of antioxidants, immune booster, natural energy support, bone + joint + skin health support, neurotransmission support.. and more.

I'm sure we can agree that if we were to buy all of those things separately, it would cost a lot more than just $1.80/day. 

BUT Remember: If you're open to trying Perform today and you don't think it's worth the price you paid - we will give 100% of your money back AND you can even keep the product, because then there's no risk to you.

Q: Perform sounds great.. but do you have evidence to support your claims?

We are so glad you asked. Perform was created off the back end of 178 scientific studies, researching every single ingredient in very specific amounts to allow your body to thrive and perform at its best.

All of these studies were compiled together in what's called an 'Evidence Package'. This was submitted and approved by the Australian Government to acknowledge the efficacy of our product, listing us on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

If you would like to hear from our customers themselves, please feel free to view all customer testimonials further up this page.

Q: When can I expect positive results from Perform?

While it may vary from person to person— depending on habits, genes, and environmental factors such as location— many of our customers experience positive health results almost immediately and that’s because our formula is designed to rehydrate and replenish your body, all whilst lifting energy levels and mood, naturally. It’s not a miracle— it’s years of 178 evidence-based studies + research and development to provide only the best, high-quality ingredients to improve your overall health and running experience.

Q: Will RunX Perform give me the jitters?

No. Unlike other formulas, RunX Perform is caffeine free and uses a specific combination of 4 powerful electrolytes and 5 key vitamins to help trigger smooth, natural rejuvenation without any jitters.

Q: When can I expect to receive my order?

Your order - is our priority. Expect your order to be shipped out the same working day as we receive it.

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