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Your Daily Electrolyte + Vitamin Drink


  • Avoid dehydration: 
    Hydrate with curated electrolytes
  • Reduce fatigue & stop burnout:
    Support your natural energy levels with Activated B Vitamins 
  • Prevent nutrient deficiencies:
    9 vitamins + minerals to increase your vitality.

"This stuff is elite. Almost instantly feel hydrated and replenished post run, or if I haven’t hydrated properly pre run sorts me out quickly. Highly recommend." 
- Luke D. , VIC

"Delicious way to replace those lost electrolytes! I have been using Perform for over 6 weeks now and it’s a great post run recovery drink. I don’t struggle with muscle soreness and recovery seems much quicker. Highly recommend."   - Jessica W. , NSW

"There are products that are hyped up and then there's RunX Nutrition. I used Perform for the first time yesterday and I was able to sleep pain-free and walk around today as normal, even though I ran a 12 k yesterday and was quite sore at the end of it.
I would highly recommend Run X nutrition to anyone who uses their muscles and need good, quick recovery."   
- Donna S. , TAS 

"Felt really good since using Perform. You can tell it has exactly what you need to run at your best and it also tastes really good. Which is surprising for something with so many nutrients."   - James H. , TAS 

"Top shelf product, have been using it the last couple of months with my running and training and not only have I seen massive improvements with my running but the taste is amazing too! 10/10. 🤩"   - Ebony S. , QLD 

"Perform is an amazing product. Hydration, refreshing and replenishing all in one. It tastes great and is really refreshing after a tough training session. It is enabling me to train (in a very humid climate) everyday which is so important for my stress management, physical and mental health. If you haven't tried it yet, please contact Jack @RunXNutrition. You won't look back.   - Verity G. , NT

"An absolute must have for any runner, of any ability. Definitely helped get me through a lot of tough Km’s."   - Mac F. , VIC 

"I’ve been taking RunX's Electrolyte Performance supplement for nearly a year now and found that it really helps with my overall performance and recovery post race/training."   - Maddy T. , QLD

"I have been taking Perform for about 4 months now and have noticed a considerable difference in energy levels! It has been a great post recovery drink for my triathlon training and even for surfing. Highly recommend this brand for its results, well priced, good tasting and fast delivery. Also love receiving bonus gifts and tips on running which have been very helpful."   - Jarrad D. , NSW

"Highly recommend this product, have already started seeing improvements in my running and absolutely love the taste!"   - Liam D. , QLD 

"Since I discovered Perform last year, I've used it ever since - and will definitely continue to use it in the future. The reason being is because it's the simplest, quickest, and most convenient way for me to get the right amount of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals."   - Erchana M. , QLD

"An asset for endurance athletes. The variety of electrolytes & overall nutrition profile sets it above many of its competitors. It is refreshing, tastes great and is tested by a third party to ensure quality/purity."   - Jessica S. , SA

"Great tasting and works an absolute treat."   - Corey C. , NZ

"A great tasting electrolyte. I feel hydrated and replenished after taking it."   - Ella T. , QLD

"Great product to aid training recovery."   - Taylor E. , QLD

Product is a game changer. Prior to taking Perform, my muscles would pull up sore from a tough long endurance run session.. bit now I've noticed not only my performance by my recovery has improved maximally and I have noticed my muscles have responded faster and are no were as sore which allows me to maximise output.   - Scotty C. , VIC

"RunX Perform has made recovery post run so much better! I’m left feeling energised and ready to go again rather than depleted. Definitely recommend Perform to those who push themselves to their max and need to replenish their body after!"   - Lisa O. , NSW

"This is a great product especially for hot and humid conditions. I use it a lot after tough training and run sessions. I have found it pretty concentrated though so only use one scoop of RunX with about 600ml of water. I definitely recommend it."   - Vince S. , NZ

"I've loved using this. Definitely improved my running & tastes delicious too. 100% recommend for any runners out there!"   - Georgi L. , VIC 

"Perform is the best after my interval workout and longer runs. It tastes great and I always feel better for that all important next run."   - Brian L. , TAS

"Highly recommend Perform! Perfect for before or after a run, workout session or to just increase general focus and less fatigue. Also tastes great with some cold water."   - Jack S. , ACT

Your Daily Electrolyte + Vitamin Drink

"The variety of electrolytes & overall nutrition profile sets the RunX Performance Blend above many of its competitors. It is refreshing, tastes great and is tested by a third party to ensure quality/purity. This is an asset for endurance athletes."

- Jessica Stenson (Trengrove)
Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist

  • Avoid dehydration:
    Hydrate with curated electrolytes
  • Reduce fatigue & stop burnout:
    Support natural energy with Activated B Vitamins
  • Prevent nutrient deficiencies:
    9 vitamins + minerals to increase your vitality